Adecs Airinfra offers consultancy and IT-solutions to airports

Adecs Airinfra offers over 15 years of experience in consultancy and IT solutions to help airports with their development and improve airport efficiency. Our international clients are airports, governments and airlines.




As airport consultant it is our ambition to support airports in seizing opportunities and in solving problems. We provide solutions that serve both, airports and their surroundings. Our fields of activity cover a wide range of topics to support you, from noise loads to safety, from flight routes to airport operations. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a question or advice.


Examples of recent consultancy projects can be found here.



We provide IT solutions to both airports and governments. Our software solutions are developed in-house and are usually customised. Developing our own software allows us to apply specific software solutions in our consultancy activities. Our IT-solutions range from tools to calculate noise loads around airports to complex airport information systems.

An overview of our systems is available here.

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